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Holly Cron

Spring, TX

I joined Conroe Triathletes around the time I signed up for my first 70.3 and realized just I couldn't do it on my own. The team welcomed me and instantly made me feel like family. I've never met such a selfless group who have such a passion for this sport. They've given so much to me and the community and I can only hope to be able to give back even a fraction of all the help I've received. With this group you're never lacking in encouragement, support, and someone willing to push you to the next level when you're ready. Not to mention it ROCKS having a huge cheer section at every single race.

Dave Fields

Willis, TX.

1997, 1st sprint tri, forgot the name. 20 years, 4 IM, and 10, 1/2 IM races later, I'm still mesmerized by the community, and level of health, and vitality triathlon has given me as a true average Joe athlete. I live with a sense of being slightly above average Joe. Thanks Triathlon, and more specifically, conroe triathletes.

Leiann Klein

Westin, FL.

What it means to be a part of the Conroe Triathlon Team Support and Commitment are the first two words I think of when thinking of the Conroe Triathlon Team. We support one another during races, in training and in friendship. There is no “me” on our team, it all about the “we.” We get up and volunteer to make races successful or show up just to cheer. We give offer encouragement and join teammates for workouts (even if we are not training for a race) to support their goals. Individuals spend hours helping the team to be better, stronger and offer more to its members. We seek advice on our forums and the response is always overwhelming. There is not one team member on the Conroe Triathlon Team that would let another member fail. This dedication and commitment is what makes us unique, truly special, and by far the best team out there.

JennIfer Holmes Powner

Tampa, FL.

 I joined to be more involved with the sport and to have people to swim/bike and run with. I always workout by myself and then I met Eric Braun at masters swim and he told me about the group. I have learned so much from everyone and loved the company. I am sad now that I have moved to Tampa and are not with you anymore. But I will see everyone At Florida 70.3!

Michelle Fishkin

Magnolia, TX.

The people. Plain and simple. I felt welcomed from day one. And everyone reminded me that we were all beginners once. CT feels like family!

Jacob McCauley

Conroe, TX.

Wanted a supportive group of people to train for Ironman with, and stayed because I found an extended family instead.

Sonia Carr Matlock

Houston, TX.

It's pretty simple for me. Good People, Helpful teammates, Never alone at any race right in my backyard!!!! I believe what you put in is what you get out. But Conroe Tri Team is the only group where I got more than what I have put in when i started. My first year training for Ironman Texas ... never road with any of them, but all of them were there for me the entire race!!!

Jonathan Vance

Houston, TX.

I joined to learn from the experience of this team with hopes of one day being able to return the favor to someone else new to the sport.

Jeff Smith

Conroe, TX.

 Accepting and motivating friends. The triathlon community is welcome to the newbie and the multi-FIM looking to qualify. There is very little judgmental behavior and lots of support and encouragement

Paul Maire

Willis, TX.

Why did I join Conroe Triathletes? I was looking for a triathlete group where newbies would be respected with dignity without having to deal with a narcosis attitude as a green new comer to the sport of triathlon. Having found and becoming a member of Conroe Triathletes enabled me to meet and make new life long friends, train with confidence and go from couch to completing 140.6 Ironman Texas 2017 as a finisher in only 18 months.

Elliott Roberts

Conroe, TX.

As a newcomer to triathlons, I felt like this is a great place to learn more about the sport and find all sorts of groups (at different levels of fitness) to train with.

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