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We ask that anyone who participates in workouts with our club sign a waiver.  If you're interested in doing so, please follow the link and fill out the form.  Thank you!

We post events, training activities, race schedules and results to one of two Facebook pages.  One page is for public viewing and the other is a private page that is reserved for race team members.  Some things that the race team will see would be vendor and race discounts that are reserved for race team members, club competition updates, etc.  The "public" page is The Conroe Area Triathlon Community page, which we operate but is open to non-affiliated athletes, other clubs and teams as well.

Open Water Swim Practice

An OWS practice will normally happen at least once a week during the race season.  We swim in Lake Conroe in an area that is open to the public.  We strongly encourage our athletes to use a swim buoy (the inflatable kind tethered to your waist) but it is not required.  Swims may be kayak supported.

Group Training Rides

The club will have multiple training rides each week.  You can pick and choose which ride is right for you, based on your abilities or interest.  Some are "no drop" or "regroup at turns" and other "race effort" depending on the ride.  


We do multiple race prep rides.  For example, as we near Oilman, a 70.3 event in Montgomery, we will organize rides on the race course, building to the full race distance.  We'll do other rides such as our popular "Bucees Ride", which is 40-85 miles on lightly traveled, yet hilly and windy roads.  We also have rides that cater to beginner and more advance athletes at the same time, consisting of loops on lightly traveled roads.  There are some rides that pair up intermediate cyclists  wanting to get stronger with speedier more experienced athletes.  Routes are shared through Garmin Connect or Strava.

Group Runs

With several weekly runs to choose from, the club tries to accommodate beginner to Ironman triathletes.  Some runs are on hilly terrain, others on flats, with the occasional track workout thrown in for good measure.  Short or long, pick your workout.   We have regular Sunday morning runs on the IM Texas run course, which is helpful to first time Ironman athletes.  Our athletes also enjoy group trail runs at Huntsville State Park and other local venues for a great change of pace and challenge.  Running is a frequent "off season" activity once we have completed the triathlon season.  In the winter focus will often move to local running races to keep in shape for spring tri season.  The point is, there is running for everyone's needs or tastes.

Brick Workouts

We have our Wednesday evening bricks at Woodlane, allowing athletes to complete as many 5 mile bike loops as needed and finishing up with the run distance of their choice.  If you're training for a sprint, 2-3 loops an Olympic 4 or 5, followed by the length of run that you need.  We also include bricks after most group rides.  Brick workouts are a well known method to get your body acclimated to the transition from the bike to the run.  We have many bricks for your wall.

Let's Race!!!!

Competition is the heart of triathlon.  Conroe Triathletes has been racing and competing for three decades now.  We've done all the training and it's time to put it to the test.   We compete in area races where new triathletes can cut their teeth on super sprint triathlons or duathlons before moving to longer distance races.  Our experienced athletes thrive on the energy of the new athlete and our "newbies" quickly progress through the ranks and distances gaining experience.  Our race team earns points for the club competitions through the competitiveness and energy of our athletes.   Each year, several athletes earn the opportunity to compete in National or World Championship Races.  

Social Activities

Did someone say tacos?  Our club will frequently indulge in post race meals together, have impromptu gatherings and year end celebrations.  We believe that we've "earned" our occasional margarita or beer and take the time to celebrate our successes.  It can't all be workouts and races!

Road Trip!!!!

Conroe Triathletes has been known to travel.  We'll have 10-20 athletes make a road trip to compete in races hundreds of miles away.  In 2017, IM New Orleans 70.3 is our road race.  2018, the IM Club Championships in Florida.  We take our show on the road.

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